Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Jielin's Major

Update on November 1st 2004

When it has become a habbit u feel hard to stop it. This time it is the habbit to ignore my blog updating. Ben beats me in this game anyway.

11 days left, which can no longer give me any pressure, not because I feel easy about the production schedule, altho sofar it is okay, should say not bad since I successfully and lazily dodged the coloring part and this move has been proved wise. Well, the real reason is that I lost all my enthusiasm with my animation long time ago. Since it seems I am not the only one who feels it, me and Justin reached an agreement to exchange our works in editting. At least u dont need to get bored any more.

Currently the background color, the title part and the sound fx seem to be something I have to finish first. U gonna do what u gonna do anyway.....sigh.

Update on September 14th 2004

It seems that updating something really disturbs me, yeah, that is the feeling. Maybe this could explain that I dont write dairy. Just dont want to keep anything in routine. Another reason is my progress with the bug is quite slow.
Good enough I am still keeping myself in schedule, BHAHAHAHA~~~!!! I pre-saved a week's time for the sound hunting and I think it's enough. According to my sound list I shall only need to get some more from disks and the left part will be human voice, for the psycho and the bug of course.
I am so confident of my understanding of the bug and the psycho's personalities that I may do the voice for the bug. Anyway, the pitch will be adjusted in order to be more bug-like. The length of my animatic so far has reached 6:30 and got around 91 scenes. Some of them are repetation and quite short. Maybe I can try some way else to make it tighter and a bit shorter.
Okay, too long for an update. Not my style.
See you 2 weeks later...maybe a month later...

Update on August 30th 2004

Finished a new storyboard in quite rough drawing. Now it seems much more like a story. The bug's main task is to take his butt back and finally he succeeded. The masochism is weakened a little bit which starts with letting audience see the bug stabbing his butt in the hair and ends with saving his own butt back and got the needle again.
The changed part from that of last update is when he reaches the lighter and sees his own butt. Here he stabs the butt and found it still working(being able to fart), then soon a finger comes to press the button to lit a cigarrette. The sparkes r just around him and his butt and the butt begins to fart which makes the bug very nervous, he tries to cover the butt with his body and then he grabs the butt's neck to prevent it from farting. The butt is just swelling and getting full and fat. His hands are snapped off and a huge fart with fire is shooting at the scientist's face and the wall. Cut to outdoor view, a straight flame shoots out of the house and a hole appears on the wall. Cut back to the scientist's face, all the hair is gone and the face is burned black. Our bug pulls with all his effort and is bounced far away together with the butt. He lands onto the ground and found the butt sticked to his body again. Very soon a wooden needle enters the screen and stops nearby. Cut to his excited face....end.

So far this is the newest version, and i feel it more reasonable now.

Update on August 27th 2004

Today got my animatic reviewed by Jeremy, and have received some useful advise which is making my mind much clearer. Two decisions can be made, either of them might bring my story to a better level: 1st, to chop off the superbug model part, to make it simplified and always keep focus on the bug's masochistic personality. Choosing this, I need to add some establishing clues at the beginning, to show this certain bug's difference from other ones. The scientist will have no plan to accomplish but to torture these bugs for no reason. The ending can be an tiny explosion given by his own butt lying close to him, we shall not see anything about the superbug any more. Until the lunch time I was to try this option while...

I got some new idea.
To tranform the superbug from merely a model into a lighter seems can resolve the problems.
The scientist is making his bug lighter, to complete it he needs one more butt to create gas. When it is done, you press the bug's head the butt gives out gas, added with a sparkle from the claws' hitting , the lighter can lit the cigarrette.
Close up to his head, inside the forest of hair, we see lots of headlices jumping by shooting their farts to the ground. Among them there is one so different , he does not jump but only sits there stabbing himself with some broken hair to get pain. He farts as well, but only when getting pleasure from pain. The scientist's hand comes in and grabs the bug out.
I will chop off the part the bug showing his height fear, which can only lead the audience's subconsiousness into the opposite direction. No audience should feel sympathetic but interesting and funny when watching the film.
The torture part and guts play part shall be shortened and made tighter. And this time the guts play is no longer merely some play but with certain purpose-to save private butt. The lungs will be used to land safely and the helmet is to protect himself. He is no longer thrown off but jumps off by himself. Before that he will look down and see his butt on the lighter. Then after his landing, he will pass some dropped needles and saw wheels, he may be distracted by them for a while but he still keeps heading off the butt. Finally he arrives and start stabbing needle at the butt, it farts of course but he feels no pleasure this time. He then tries to pull the butt off, a leak is successfully made. Gas leaks out continuously. He stuff himself into the leak and keeps stabbing the butt. Now he gets pleasure again.
The scientist tries to lit the cigarrette again. Click and click again the lighter doesnt work well but the gas is still releasing. The last click makes but an explosion which not only sends the bug to the top of the pleasure(burnt to ash) but makes the guy's face dirty as well.

Update on August 23rd 2004

I put some new shots inside, to make the story clearer and making sense. The background is now more explained: in several scenes you could see the scientist and the bug together, of course, there are something else such like the desk and the ashtray.
The beginning part has taken its change: Another victim will start the story and his head will be removed to complete the superbug model. We see this process which is added to let audience know what the bug model means in the story. So far I still dont know if the camera language using is rich enough or not, coz the shot angle in which the bug being hanged is still taking the main role among all the angles' using, and the time they pocess is quite long.
The story will now end with an explosion, which is the result of the flame and the farts. The bug falls into the ashtray and rub himself against some saw wheel, the speed of rubbing goes faster and faster, fianlly there is smoke and flame comes out. While the but keeps farting at him crazily. The last fart is prepared for such a long time and is reasonably mighty, the gas circle lands on the burning bug(he is still rubbing) and after a close-up of the bug's face, a explosion will end the whole story.(after that we could hear the furniture falling to the ground, glass broken, the scientist's swearing and cursing, but all in dark, we see but black screen with credits)
I scanned all the pictures, large sized and smaller sized, but all in high resulotion, in order to make the animatic video clear in large screen. At first everything goes alright in director mx. But when I shut the program down and re-opened it the next day, the screen turned back to small one as well as the resulotion to rough again. Maybe there was some mis-operation I took which I didnt notice, pretty bad. Well, since to re-do the animatic costs too much time I will just keep it like that.
There was also some problem occured when I import te sound effects into director mx. Most of them cannot be imported at all and even they reached the program no one can hear them, so I made my animatic a quick time movie to dub the sound in final cut pro. The movie seems lost its original resulotion and even worse, when you play it in final cut pro, some frames cannot be shown, whcih means some visual information was lost. And the speed of the video part is quite different from the audio part, so the sound effect can only be heard a much later than when it is supposed to be.
Today I got lots of sound effects from library, and some of them quite match the ideal sound in my mind. Good enough for me after so much annoying things happened thesedays.
I will keep going to got some inspiration with camera angles enrichment. Keep thinking....

Update on 5 August 2004

Since the coffee cup part which added later distracts the main line of the story and makes the story too loose, I was struggling with giving a better conclusion to the pain and pleasure part which was supposed to be the most important part of my story.
The latest idea got is to show the audience all the other cripple insects enjoying their pain together in the end. They were kept in a certain place full of all kinds of torture machines(we can see they r all playing with those high-tech devises whcih give them enough pain). Our headlice is brought there finally as well, an electric gun will keep shooting his disposed heart with lightning continiously. When he looks up toward his own butt which is now attached to the superbug, we see the butt trembling in excitement and keeps farting.

Update on 3 August 2004

Since the current story got 2 clues in it, one is making a perfect bug model which achieves its purpose already while another one is all about the pain and enjoyment of the headlice, which still needs a matchy ending so far. So, to accomplish this, I am trying to change the glass jar part into something else, as below:

The scentist got a cup of coffee and put that under the hanging lice. The lice slides off from the string of hair since there is steam comes up. He drops into the hot coffee which does not kill him but flows into his mouth, yeah, he drinks alot. Obviously he gets more and more excited, his little heart does the exaggearating pulsating, and we see himself trembling and hitting his head to the porcelain cup edge. Then he climbs up the cup edge and looks out to the superbug model and sees his buttl. His face twisted and he continues hitting his head to the cup edge. Then cut to his POV, the cup was lifted and leaned toward the screen. Our sight will be with the flowing coffee into the throat which is quite dark( comes out the excited yelling of the headlice). Quickly it cuts to MS of the back view of the scentist at last, his hand holding the cup, giving a loud gurp. (end)

No idea whether it is a good ending or not, just a try.

Update on 30 July 2004


This time the new story will start with a so called"scientist" gonna make his superbug, so the first scene will be a diagram of the image of the superbug, which is made of all the best parts of many different kinds of bugs. when he removes away the paper in his hand, the superbug model is just behind the paper( with the same size but different gesture). so the funny part here is, when the paper is moved in and out again and again, the superbug looks dancing.
Okay. Now comes the CU of the paper which will be paned from its top to bottom, then suddenly the camera jumps back to his tail( or butt? maybe) which is still a missing part. We can hear the alarm and red light shining indicating the missing part in the picture.
Then we still start with the scientist's back view, while this time he got the paper in his hand. He scratches his head as before and then got our head lice as well, and so on...
He then stick the head lice to some wooden shelf or something which doesnot move on the desk, this will allow him to move his both hands freely. In this scene, he is still in his side view but we will add a desk and u could see the superbug model which is not a very big one standing on the desk.
then begins our dear bug enjoying his torture.

His butt drops out of the screen now, we add a scene showing the butt drops into a small flat glass bowl usually used in lab to contain bacteria, a huge hand is holding it. The butt drops in, and takes a fart, yeah.

then we still will have the bug's self-entertaining part until he is moved away from the screen.
But he was thrown into a big big glass jar which contains all the remaining parts of different bugs, they r floating in the liquid, so when our little bug is sinking, he meets some of them, he shouts in the liquid and we hear the bubbled voice.
(here we use a long pan to indicate the sinking)

then cut to see the whole glass jar on the desk.
cut back to CU of our bug's face approaching the glass wall, pushing his face onto the glass looking out(facing us)
from his POV we see the superbug model on the desk. he is accomplished this time. Zoom into his butt, yeah, of course,
the one of our head lice is sewed with the main body, it is still moving.


Jielin's going to make some wierd but funny animation. He found it not easy to make it wierd and funny at the same time since it's hard to maintain that kind of passion and feeling for 14 weeks. 14 weeks! that means he has to be a really freak during the period of time,well, although he is sort of freak already.

some expression

story will start with

very very big eyeball